Hi, I'm Shani

Let's see what we can build together!


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SQL Playground

Python & SQLite

Built a small web app for subscribers to practice SQL on a real database.
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Wedding Website

HTML5, CSS3 & Vanilla Javascript

One page website built and designed from scratch for a client. No CSS frameworks, bells or whistles.



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From Microbes to SQL to Swift:
A self-driven path in tech.

Hi, there.

So I've made a decade long career out of wrangling and analysing data, where most of it was spent supporting a SaaS product. I found myself in this field by taking a couple of database courses for my first corporate job out of college.

I learned about web development on the fly for work and basic curiousity. I learned my first programming language, Swift, and the second one, Python, by reading their documentation.

I am a serial autodidact and love sharing freely available knowledge, hence the somewhat popular Github repository, Open Source Mathematics Degree.

I love helping others build their online presence and to inspire others. I also have a YouTube channel where I share programming and other topics that I'm learning or find interesting, plus a couple of tutorials.

I'm currently obsessed with data science, machine learning and analyzing all the things with Python.



Reach out if you want to collaborate or just to say hi! 👋